Don't worry about running out of bottled water. PUT CLEANER, BETTER-TASTING WATER ON-TAP.  

Whole Home Portable Exchange Filters

Hassle-free Portable Exchange (PE) Filter Service at a low monthly cost.

Keep your kitchen and bath cleaner, get brighter laundry and improve your skin. Sign up today, and Culligan will install a system that will solve your water problems.
Iron, rust, rotten-egg odor, acid water, hard water, we can solve all of your water problems. What’s more, you’ll get regular tank replacement and maintenance at no extra cost! The no-maintenance, nothing-for-you-to-do way to end water problems. It couldn’t be any easier. With Culligan PE Water Filter Service, Culligan does all the work. All you do, is enjoy.

It starts with your Culligan Man installing a water filter with the capacity to meet your needs. Then on a regular basis, we return to remove the Portable Exchange (PE) filter tank and replace it with a fresh, recharged unit. In minutes it’s done, and soft, clear water continues to flow to every faucet in your home.
No electricity, no drain, no salt, no maintenance, no hassle!

Whole House Filters

Enjoy these Culligan Portable Exchange Filter Water Service savings:

  • No equipment to buy
  • No heavy salt bags to buy or carry
  • No maintenance costs
  • No drain lines or electrical connections needed
  • No backwashing in the middle of the night
  • Tank can go virtually anywhere inside or outside

Enjoy these Culligan Conditioned water benefits:

  • Showers and baths feel more luxurious.
  • Your skin and hair feel cleaner. Even shaving is easier.
  • Laundry rinses softer, comes out brighter and cleaner, and you use less detergent.
  • Dishes and glasses have no soapy film and fewer water spots.
  • Plumbing and water heaters work more efficiently.
  • In fact, water heating costs can drop buy as much as 29%.
  • You’ll use less soap, cleaners, shampoo, conditioners, rinses and fabric softeners.
  • Culligan Soft Water usually pays for itself with the money you’ll save on cleaning products.

All for a very low monthly cost.

Usually it costs just pennies a day to enjoy Culligan Soft Water Service. Service backed by proven Culligan Technology. Service assured by your prompt, courteous, dependable, factory-trained Culligan Man.

  • What’s more, you’ll get regular tank replacement and maintenance at no extra cost
  • Enjoy our hassle-free Portable Exchange Service at a low monthly cost.

Superior service

  • Culligan service has been in Beaumont since 1956
  • More than 2,000 homes and businesses in Southern Louisiana have taken advantage of Culligan Water Treatment
  • Local professional application and service
  • Water treatment is all that we do

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